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Leading The Way

Rising consumer demand for transparency, animal welfare, and environmental stewardship has paved the way for a number of companies to change their ways over the last several years—or at least make claims about changing their ways. Notably, last year, a number of poultry producers announced intentions to scale back the use of antibiotics on their farms; others committed to a more humane standard of animal care. Tecumseh Poultry has upheld standards that go beyond marketing claims since the beginning. Today, Tecumseh Poultry growers remain committed to raising chickens and treating the environment the right way.

Above & Beyond
Founded in the late 1990s, Tecumseh Poultry emerged at a time when the industry was focused on volume—bringing fresh chicken to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. While Tecumseh Poultry is certainly conscientious of its use of resources, the foremost consideration is not cost efficiencies or production volume, but the quality of the end product. At every level—from the farms across the Midwest where Tecumseh Poultry’s chickens are raised without the use of antibiotics and animal by-products, to the way every cut of chicken is diligently hand trimmed before packaging—Tecumseh Poultry is committed to producing a healthier, tastier, and all-around better product.

On the farm, it means that growers must practice a higher level of management. For example, when farmers do not rely on blanket dosages of antibiotics to lessen risks of illness up front, they must provide the birds a pristine living environment, focusing on factors like temperature, humidity, air quality, access to the outdoors, and a wholesome diet. At the processing level, the commitment to quality has required investments in cutting-edge technologies such as air-chilling (a progressive cooling method that brings chickens to a safe temperature after feather removal using a process that never compromises flavor or tenderness and saves water). When it comes to packaging, through air chilling and hand trimming, Smart Chicken ensures that its products are never untrimmed or waterlogged, so consumers get the absolute best value. Every piece is hand trimmed by skilled personnel in a facility that carries the highest food safety certification in the industry, SQF (Safe Quality Foods) level 3.

You can see the difference between Tecumseh Poultry’s products and others just by looking at the chicken in the package; it’s nicely trimmed and ready to cook, it looks and smells fresh, and there’s no pool of excess liquid collecting in the bottom of the tray. Whether you’re preparing it on the grill, in the oven, or on the stovetop, Tecumseh Poultry’s Organic Smart Chicken and No Antibiotics Ever Smart Chicken products have better flavor and texture, the skin always crisps up golden-brown, and there’s never a soggy mess in the bottom of your pan.

Better Chicken 
Consumers have certainly taken notice of Tecumseh Poultry and its truly exceptional chicken, as have producers, who are constantly raising their own standard to meet ours. Tecumseh Poultry has put quality first since day one, and it’s a pursuit that’s never compromised or deterred.